Funny Throw Pillows to Get the Conversation Started

I like to have little unexpected pillows in my home as I think they are great conversation starters.  Plus, a little humor is always nice! Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite funny throw pillows.

now panic pillow

 Now Panic Pillow

periodic table pillow

 I use this pillow periodically.

sick of hastags pillow

Sick of #’s yet?funny giraffe pillow

Funny Giraffe Pillow

idiots pillow

If Idiots, grew on trees…

come on in pillow

Come on in pillow!

beach bums pillow

I Believe in Beach Bums!jogging pillowJogging?

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krista mayne home snob

Adult Giraffe Print Furnishings

I’m a tall lady and I’ve always had a fascination with giraffes.  We have so much in common (minus the spots).  I think they are beautiful and graceful.  Today I’ve rounded up my favorite adult giraffe print furnishings.  (May take a few seconds to load.)